Carry2College | Call of Duty Recap

Carry2College | Call of Duty Recap

The Call of Duty portion of Carry 2 College featured many teams showcasing their skill sets in front of the eyes of college recruiters. As the first Call of Duty Vanguard event hosted by Stay Plugged In, all teams dug deep to become the first ever team to hold the title. Let’s cover some notable stories and look back at the weekend starting with Saturday’s group play.

The Group Stage

Free Agent Team “Barrage” Finish Groups at a Perfect 6-0

Team Barrage approached the group stage with some truly talented competitive Call of Duty players. Main AR “TroySki”, entry and fellow AR specialist “Hypxtic”, along with true flexes “Pezfc” and “JayPrediction” sounds like a killer team at face value. So what made their Group stage 6-0 performance so special? This team got virtually no playing experience together prior to the event. With experienced rosters like Team LXIII and Mars Hill rounding out the group, Barrage converted individual talent into round wins, and eventually by Round 3, they were playing as if they had been a team for years. The 3-0 wins against Mars Hill and Team LXII put Barrage in the best possible spot to make moves in the final bracket.

Mars Hill vs Team LXIII - A Brawl for Second

Barrage were peaking in their wins against both of these solid rosters, and so a full focus shift turned to the second place matchup during the Group stage. Their match took place at 4:00 pm ET on Saturday, and anyone missing out on watching this match missed arguably the match of the weekend.

On Hardpoint to start, Mars Hill was actually pretty dominant. Y_Hyper of Mars Hill was dialed in with a 41/20 K/D and still wasn’t able to call himself the MVP of the map. His teammate Empty went on an insane kill streak of 8 to secure the win on Hardpoint for Mars Hill, finishing the map at a ridiculous 46 kills and just 22 deaths. Team LXIII found themselves on the wrong end of a 2-5 scoreline in Search and Destroy shortly after but continued to fight. They made a massive comeback to secure a 6-5 win on map 2. Typically you will see a rough map loss like that take the air out of the tires of even the best teams, and Mars Hill did look stunned a bit. Yet, as the maps were consistently traded off, they were able to hold off another LXIII comeback effort on S&D in map 5 to secure the match win. Although they would drop to Barrage directly after, they would still finish second overall in their group.

A Sneak Peek at Kid Gunners

Kid Gunners looked invincible in their 3-0 victory over NAU Fans, a team who themselves looked like a potential winner of the group in their early efforts. There was no real way to figure out just how good Kid Gunners was going to be. They played less games than anticipated on day 1 due to a forfeit win caused by some roster issues with their round 3 opponents “Dont Shoot Back”. Minimal games aside, we would get to witness what Kid Gunners was all about come tournament time.

Championship Sunday

Lower Bracket - Team “NAU Fans” Mirror Team “Barrage” Group Result

The top-tier reaction speed, shot accuracy, and above average positioning from both teams in the Mars Hill vs Team LXIII Group stage head-to-head displayed the talent level of both teams. In order to get the better of these teams you need the high end consistency you get from teams like Barrage or Kid Gunners, both of which can be found in the Upper Final match. “NAU Fans” hit the bracket with that ability. They may not have won their group, but they were looking to show that they could hang with the top two teams that did. An excellent way to start is to take out BOTH Team LXIII and Mars HIll by sweep in the Lower Quarterfinal and Semifinal respectively. They would take a game in the Lower Final as well, but ultimately fall to Barrage coming up just short of their goal to break into the Grand Final.

Kid Gunners on Full Display Throughout the Bracket

Barrage came in confident having dropped no games up until their Upper Final match against Kid Gunners. Call it a wake up call or an off game, either way they couldn’t find any kind of traction against Kid Gunners. They dropped 0-3 in that match into the Lower Final, and when they finally worked their way back to the Grand Final, they had no solutions there either. Every aspect of the Kid Gunner squad was already seemingly perfect. Take into consideration as well that this team had been together for a while prior to this tournament as opposed to Barrage. It seemed as if Kid Gunners roster could read each other's minds at key times, and always had a trade ready every time a teammate fell.

The team was ready for Championship Sunday, and at the end of the Grand Final match, ImpulseIsGoated, Meez, senoxo, and Cxnfid celebrated in comms as the first Call of Duty Carry 2 College champions! To locate and sign up for more events, click here.