Carry2College | League of Legends Recap

Carry2College | League of Legends Recap

The two-day 2022 Summer Carry 2 College League of Legends showdown began with the Group stage on Saturday, May 14th with some of the best college prospects in game. Day 1 would determine seeding in the final bracket on Sunday for the four teams. We take you inside some of the bigger stories of the weekend below.

Standouts Among the Bottom Three Teams

Not everyone can end up with the C2C title, but here is where we highlight some of the top performing players from the teams who couldn’t quite finish on top.

Kammr - Shamans

Listed as a Mid/Top/ADC, that is about as flex as it gets in League of Legends. Kammr is a Grandmaster who has spent quite a bit of time in the top 500. It would be hard to pass on this top level well-rounded prospect. Kammr’s best performance was a clean 15/0/6 pulling in 10,354 gold in the 20:35 Round 1 match. Even against the dominant NOVA team, Kammr’s pace felt up-to-speed with their quick play and went an even 7/7/6 K/D/A.

Inoriboob - Shamans

The Grandmaster ADC from Pennsylvania has a few Stay Plugged In titles already in the trophy case. Although not a champion this time around, Inoriboob proved in this Carry 2 College that having a talented team around elevates his play. A second place finish against a stacked NOVA team isn’t one to get down on yourself about. Inoriboob’s best performance was a 10/1/8 K/D/A.

Drybones - Monarchs

The Master level mid laner was impactful on a team that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Drybones was a gold magnet, held strong on a majority of 1-on-1 fights early, and casted an overwhelming amount of magic damage in team fights. When the Monarchs support was on point, Drybones was a tough presence to deal with. Drybones’ best performance was a 14/5/7 K/D/A collecting 17,425 gold in the 30:33 match.


Award-winning leadership is tough to find in any aspect of life. Whether it’s at a job, in sports, esports, etc. the skill of coordinating a full team to work together can sometimes be under appreciated. CHRISP123, NOVA’s ADC and captain brought it to a whole new level over the weekend. In Round 1 of the Group stage, the NOVA roster combined for 44 assists against Monarchs. Their timing on team tower pushes and objective completion was S-tier. They followed it up with another incredible team performance against INDLS Rocket Esports. This time they only tallied 37 assists, though had the match been longer than 18:35 in duration they would have surpassed their previous 44 assist performance with ease. Oh, and they also allowed ZERO objectives from their opponents in this game. When a leader performs, so too does the team. CHRISP123 put up a 29/8/15 in K/D/A through the three group matches, and let’s not forget the 16/0/9 pop-off from Ferntheplant in the Round 3 win over Shamans. NOVA would win the Group stage pretty handily, finishing at the 3-0 mark and securing the top seed for Championship Sunday.

The bracket was hardly any different. It took only 23:48 time elapsed to beat Shamans in the Upper Final, and in that match they out killed them 14-1. The final test for NOVA would be the Shamans again, after their re-emergence from the Lower Final. The Grand Final certainly didn’t mock the Upper Final match. This Grand Final match was a true tug-of-war. 45 minutes of grueling counters made bringing down a single tower look difficult. Objectives achieved were even throughout, and whoever could muster up enough power-ups after the 40 minute mark would win it. After holding off at their own Nexus and seeing a final desperate push fall short at the other end, NOVA broke through and took home their first ever Carry 2 College victory!

Congratulations to HemorRage, Ferntheplant, diggie, Savi, and CHRISP123 on their perfect C2C run! To find more events you might like, you can visit the events page here