Helix Recruiting Showcase - Rocket League

Helix Recruiting Showcase - Rocket League

Day 2 of the Helix Recruiting Showcase saw many Rocket League teams arrive at the LAN, all with ambitions of grabbing the first place prize of $1,000. Gameplay started with a Round Robin format, where each team played each other once throughout the day, striving to finish in the top two, and a chance to compete for coveted prize.

Round 1 saw match score lines to all go to five games, with Ball Blasters winning 3-2 over Perfect Circle, Worth a Shot grabbing their game 3-2 over Xanadu, and HeadHunters taking their match 3-2 over the Eagles.

Round 2 was quite the opposite with all matches ending 3-0 with Ball Blasters, Perfect Circle and Worth a Shot all winning their matchup. Round 3 again saw many one sided matches with Ball Blasters, Xanadu and Perfect Circle all winning their matches. 

After five rounds of play, we found Ball Blasters at a perfect 5-0 record, Perfect Circle at 4-1 with their only loss to the number one seed. Third place was Worth a shot, followed by Xanadu, HeadHunters and Eagles. 

With Round Robin being completed, the Grand finals were set with Ball Blasters VS Perfect Circle set to face off in a Best of 7. Game 1 saw Riley, class of 2020, grab a hat trick and the game 4-0 to start things hot for Perfect Circle. Game 2 saw a much closer matchup with the game ending in 3-2 after a great team play from Taysech, class of 2020, evening the series at 1-1. Game 3 saw a close matchup with a 2-1 win by Perfect Circle. Ball Blasters were close several times to even the series, but couldn’t get one to land. Game 5 saw Perfect Circle take it to match point, 3-1. Now on the ropes and needing to win three in a row, it was looking bleak for Ball Blasters. However, they started on the right foot, grabbing Game 5 and starting the comeback. Game 6 saw an incredible goal from Taysech to Drey, finding the series all tied up at 3-3. 

After 6 games in the Best of 7, it all came down to the last game to decide the winners of the Helix Recruiting Showcase. Drey takes the first goal with a nice flick over Marty, giving the momentum to Ball Blasters. Marty answers back after conceding just past the halfway point in the game. With the championship on the line, Drey ultimately takes it into his own hands, scoring with 14 seconds left in the game, securing the game, series, and championship for Ball Blasters. 

Once again, it was a great weekend at the Helix Recruiting Showcase. We saw some incredible matchups and games go down in history. College coaches were eagerly recruiting all weekend, looking to fill their roster spots for the Fall and beyond. GGs to all competitors and once again, a huge CONGRATS to Ball Blasters on their win.

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