Road to Radiant | Summer Series Week 1 | Recap

Road to Radiant | Summer Series Week 1 | Recap

The 2022 Valorant Summer Series began this past Wednesday with a fresh look. It features a new event focused page on our main site that tracks all the action, and a new three-match format throughout the season. You can check out all of the details of the new six-week season and two week Invitational playoff format here. Since the format is a bit different than the stand-alone weekly tournaments, the format for the breakdown has adopted a fresh format as well. Here are a few key topics from Week 1.


Ten teams split into two groups for Week 1 of the Summer Series, and for the winner of these groups, a dream start of 101 points in the standings awaited. The average ranks of all participating players broke the Immortal 1 plane, making this feat all-the-more challenging. Four teams came up just short, a couple of which you may recognize as past champions of Road-to-Radiant pre-Series weeklies. BAD AIMERS, ANCIENT MONKS OF UDON (AMoU), BALD BABIES, and CLAREMONT HIGH SCHOOL (CHS) were all able to finish out the night with two wins, earning them a total of 70 points. Not too bad of a start, but the lingering question remains. Who beat former champions Bald Babies and Bad Aimers to win the week? Teams IRON HEAD TAPPERS (IHT) and 1996 CHICAGO BULLS (‘96 BULLS) were able to fight through the bulk of talent to escape unbeaten in matches to rightfully earn their 101 points. Congratulations to both rosters on their strong start. Let’s follow their Week 1 run and find out what worked in this week’s breakdown.



Smrty, best known as the captain of the former Road to Radiant dynasty team “Jitterbugs” brought a majority of his roster into the Summer Series with new branding. Pretty similar results for the team now known as the “Iron Head Tappers” (IHT). They stormed into Round 1 with a perfect (13-0) win. If anything was going to rebuild the confidence of a team who struggled in a few weeks prior to the Summer Series start, that was it. In Round 2 they handed AMoU their only loss of the night, and it was quite a decisive final score (13-5). The entire IHT lineup had a combat score higher than the top score of AMoU, which is crazy considering AMoU’s fragging ability. Regardless, IHT headed into Round 3 to face arguably an even stronger opponent in Bad Aimers. In weeks prior to the Summer Series, IHT has had Bad Aimer’s number, and here it was no different, finishing the day with another (13-5) win to go [3-0] on the day.


A little bit of a tougher time for another group of Stay Plugged In regulars to reach the [3-0] mark.  Captain heyskylar alongside fate, conrad, channi, and dream made some noise in Round 1 with a (13-6) victory against The Bu Hao Boys. No question that Round 2 was the toughest task for ‘96 Bulls, as the full starting roster of Bald Babies entered their lobby. Wamm of Bald Babies had a masterful performance as Viper at Icebox, and yet still the team couldn’t convert in the later rounds of this one, allowing ‘96 Bulls to survive with a (13-11) win. They say that in big matches, the whole team needs to contribute in order to find the win column. In Round 3 against CHS Esports, they certainly did. Despite their captain falling below 1.0 on the KD scale, the rest of the team stepped it up. The (13-6) win for the ‘96 Bulls would pay tribute to their name choice and they join IHT as champions of Week 1.




Team: ‘96 BULLS

KDA Ratio: 1.854  

Notes: In addition to an S-tier 21.67 average kills, Conrad put up an average of 4.67 first bloods per match, giving teammates favorable numbers to begin rounds.  




KDA Ratio: 1.783

Notes:  As the agent Fade finds her way into the META, initiators will need to familiarize themselves with her utility. Combat put up excellent numbers overall, adding 9 assists per map thanks to excellent use of the haunt-prowler combo.




KDA Ratio: 3.857

Notes:  Kill to stay alive? It’s not as if Smrty was playing conservatively, putting up 51 kills in 3 maps. Smrty kept average deaths lower than should be possible at this level (7 deaths per map).

For more information including rosters, match results, and leaderboards, click here. If you would like to sign up your team for Week 2, it’s not too late. Click here to register today!