Road to Radiant | Week 26 Recap

Road to Radiant | Week 26 Recap


Week 26 of Road to Radiant has finished up, and as the Fall semester kicks off across the nation, players continue to get great competition in with our weekly events. These events help players continue to grow their skillset by providing competition on the same level. Colleges are continuously scouting, keeping eyes on any player in any event, where they start to develop a slimmed down list to directly reach out. As the Fall LANs get closer, these scouts bring lists of players they've seen in events like Road to Radiant so that they can efficiently scout the recruits that have already piqued their interest. Of course, great results are appealing too. Let's see what the results looked like in this week's recap.


Both of these teams have made multiple appearances in late rounds of the bracket here in the Road to Radiant. This particular match will typically end with a round differential between 2-5 rounds. This time, it was no different, as Victory 6 edges out Bald Babies (13-11). V6 RICKY put up outstanding numbers, ending with a 25/14/4 KDA as Raze, all while obtaining with the highest Econ rating in the lobby by a large margin. Honorable mentions go out to SINBAD of Bald Babies with 14 assists, and V6 SAM of Victory 6 with 15 assists. Their use of utility should be recognized for keeping the gunfights pretty dead even throughout the entirety of the match.


The return of ICY, DOC, AU5TIN, and SLARK were awaiting in the finals to challenge Victory 6 for the title. Although au5tin and Doc were steady in finding trades for CSG, the innerworkings of V6's "FPS timing" proved superior in the Finals. V6 DANNY and V6 DRAKE led the way for Victory 6, putting up 23/14/2 and 18/12/7 KDA's respectfully. Danny would earn MVP status on the week for his outstanding efforts from top to bottom.

Congratulations to Victory 6 for returning to the top as Road to Radiant Champions in Week 26! To find out more about Stay Plugged In's upcoming events you can visit our events page on this site.