Road to Radiant | Week 39 Recap

Road to Radiant | Week 39 Recap


Stay Plugged In's Road to Radiant rolled into the final month of the year this past Wednesday. Valorant collegiate recruits from across the country continue to compete against one another to stay sharp in their gameplay, and to remain in the watching eyes of the hundreds of colleges within the Stay Plugged In network. SMRTY joins another team this week by the name of "Fluffles Clan", and another set of newcomers took them on in the Finals. Find all the details below in this week's breakdown.



LIGHTHOZ (Sova) of INDLS Rockets had a decent showing against Fluffles Clan with a 15/14/2 KDA, but it was SMRTY (Raze) at 25/9/8 and BON (Killjoy) at 20/7/0 who led the match in fragging for Fluffles Clan, ultimately the reason for their big (13-3) victory here.


This is one of the few times in Road to Radiant history that all but one player of a team finished below 1.000 in KD and yet somehow pulled off the victory. WAMM (Cypher) and LOCALJANITOR (Jett) of Reyhand Gaming all finished above that mark, and LocalJanitor had a remarkable TEN first bloods, but they were not able to hang on against team Five Guys. The team can thank NACKEY with the frag carry at a 25/16/15 KDA, and CHICO (KAY/O) for the 19 assists in a win that would carry them to the Final.


Sometimes the night can just be a bit anticlimactic, and Wednesday night felt that way. The Five Guys win over Reyhand Gaming was a huge moment for the team, but they would meet an unstoppable force at the end of the night.

It does not seem to matter who SMRTY teams up with. Squadding up with upwards of 30+ different teammates over the past year in all sorts of different combinations, another big victory would be in store for the 2022 graduate. He went 16/10/5 in KDA over 14 rounds to give Fluffles Clan the (13-1) victory and the Week 39 Road to Radiant title. NACKEY (Astra) of Five Guys had an impressive night regardless of the final results. Nackey went 13/14/5 in KDA on a map where the team could only find a single round win. Talk about a no quit attitude.

Congratulations to ITSBILLEY and BON for earning their first ever Road to Radiant title, and to SMRTY, REZAH, and SAMBAE for continuing their success as well! Our MVP this week goes to SMRTY, his third MVP title in a row. Registration for the final Road to Radiant of the year is open now. Visit our events page to get your team registered now.