Stay Plugged In & Refrag Team Up to Take On Collegiate CS:GO

Stay Plugged In & Refrag Team Up to Take On Collegiate CS:GO

When it comes to building an esports player skill development program, we are only as good as the tools we use. And while grinding Deathmatch and KovaaK's is great for individual player mechanics, building up player utility and macro knowledge is something that can feel a bit arcane to even the most well versed coach and analyst.

Today, that changes as we bring into the fold another cutting edge esports training platform, Refrag, to the Stay Plugged In family as our preferred CS:GO training platform. 

With a full suite of powerful player warm up drills, grenade lineups, and much, much more Refrag is transforming what it means to build and maintain your CS:GO division.

Take a look at what Refrag can offer here.

The "sports-ification" of esports training is not necessarily a new concept in the space. Until just recently have we begun to see the emergence of robust training software that allows players to isolate, repeat, and train the individual components of a game's required skillset. 

Refrag has done a great job of creating an approachable training experience where players can get caught up to speed on the best practices in a more.

"A partnership with Stay Plugged in means the world to us over at Refrag, as our visions align on all fronts. Over the last couple of years, we have collaborated with tier 1 professional teams (such as Team Liquid, Heroic, FNATIC, Dignitas, MouseSports) alongside co-owners (and professional players) EliGE and PIMP to build out a robust suite of the world's best CS:GO practice and training tools, and a state of the art demo viewer in Restrat. Our goal in teaming up with Stay Pluged In is to bridge accessibility for the next generation of aspiring CSGO professionals via the scholastic landscape to collaboratively elevate the standard of how collegiate programs approach their competitive preparation. We are beyond thrilled about this partnership, and look forward to growing together." -- Refrag Co-Founder Michael Bulostin

We look forward to working closely together with Refrag over the coming months to begin the integration of the platform into top performing CSGO programs around the country and empowering their programs to better prepare for competition.

And don’t forget, Stay Plugged In members are eligible for a 25% off discount so make sure to visit if you’re interested in learning more.

As always, onwards and upwards.

Cody Dragon

Director of Strategic Partnerships