Turbo Tuesday | Week 35 Recap

Turbo Tuesday | Week 35 Recap


In reaching our 35th week of Turbo Tuesday, our Stay Plugged In team would like to acknowledge the student athletes who display their perseverance, competing and engaging with schools on a weekly basis. Attending to your Stay Plugged In account and competing in a big event once a month does increase your chances at becoming recognized in the space, but showing up every week and updating your profile on a regular basis can multiply the chances of discovery. In their incredible sixth Turbo Tuesday title in a row this week, we look at the qualities that have made RESONAL and TIDE so successful on the Stay Plugged In platform so far, and what the future may hold for the duo based on the great stories made by other Rocket League recruits here in the past.


Formerly know as Doodle Bangers in Stay Plugged In's Turbo Tuesday, KNIGHT, SKIES, and LUCA tore through the Stay Plugged In Summer Series and were immediately recognized by many colleges during the run. Just a few weeks before their championship victory, Rochester University announced the acquisition of the full team. Not long after, the Fall 2022 semester started, and the three Stay Plugged In alumni were able to bring Rochester University their first CRL qualification. Just a couple of days ago, they defeated long-time CRL dominant team Akron, and are currently sitting three games above the cut-off line in the Eastern Division playoff picture with just two weeks to go. Their drive during their time at Stay Plugged In earned the team recognition to represent a great program in Rochester, and has continued to bring them success competing at the highest level of collegiate Rocket League.


After speaking with WAHVEY and DAUNT last night in an interview about their Carry2College championships of the past, it was evident that Turbo Tuesday played a big role in guiding them to bigger tournament wins. Wahvey mentioned active participation as a key in their wins. "If you are an up-and-coming player who wants to participate in CRL or any other college Rocket League event, then you should definitely be playing in Stay Plugged In", Wahvey said. "It's really helpful for scouting and getting exposure". Wahvey, Daunt, and Tvaristo are now signed to compete at the professional level with the Charlotte Phoenix, and state that Turbo Tuesday was where they built their individual and team skill sets, and where they would eventually be recognized by recruiters of the organization.


RESONAL and TIDE are on the same warpath paved by the ones mentioned above that came before them. Having the skill is a bonus, yes, but it was the event participation and regular activity on the Stay Plugged In platform that the players say made all the opportunities possible. At the age of 15, Resonal has a few more years to develop before making his way into collegiate competition, but he is well on the radar already, and there is very little doubt that he will be there when the time comes. Until then, we congratulate Resonal, Tide, and team "Homie"'s newcomer and senior PEEP, for their Turbo Tuesday Week 35 Championship.

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