Turbo Tuesday Recap | Summer Series Week 1

Turbo Tuesday Recap | Summer Series Week 1

The 2022 Rocket League Summer Series may have kept its Turbo Tuesday name, but just about every other aspect of the event has gotten a fresh look. It features a new event focused page on our main site that tracks all the action and a new three-match format throughout the season. You can check out all of the details of the new six-week season and two week Invitational playoff format here. Since the format is a bit different than the stand-alone weekly tournaments, the format for the breakdown has adopted a fresh format as well. Here are a few key topics from Week 1.


Kicking off Week 1 with enough teams to fill out two groups meant that there was an opportunity for a couple Rocket League teams to start off the Series with the dream start of 101 points in the standings. Earning those points would be a massive challenge. Take into consideration that the average rank of all players in the tournament was around Grand Champion 2, the third highest rank in the in-game ranking system. A few teams came close to that top mark. ZERO SUGAR, REGIMENTGG, 1THOUSANDVOICES, and STELLAR were all able to finish out with two wins on the night, earning them a total of 70 points. Not a bad start for any of these teams by any means, especially for ZERO SUGAR and STELLAR whose final match would line up against the teams that took the perfect [3-0] record in their groups.

Congratulations to teams GNS and DOODLE BANGERS (DDB) for their Week 1 wins, and 101 points in the standings. Let’s take a quick look at how they got there.



After reporting their first win over Western Michigan in Round 1, GNS was placed against REGIMENTGG (RGG), a team who averaged 8 goals a game (not a typo) in the first round. Say what you want about their previous opponents, RGG’s offense was hot, and defense would need to be the main focus for GNS, and it clearly was. GNS held RGG under 2 goals in their three wins. Also noteworthy was GNS’s ability to close out close games. In a series where the goal differential only favored the victors at +2, GNS was able to close out the series in just four games. Round 3 was a bit anticlimactic for those following GNS. Though ZERO SUGAR (ZS) also appeared to be unstoppable, only GNS found life from their strikers. In their three wins in the final series, GNS outscored ZS 13 to 3 to cap their undefeated run on the night.


Not much more to say than DBB was absolutely dominant. They didn’t drop a single game on the night, and the closest any team was able to come to taking one was in their match against a [2-1] finishing Stella team who kept the margin to 1 goal. The teamwork of DDB was phenomenal all night and especially in this series. Out of the 14 goals they scored in the series, only 1 goal was left unassisted.





SPIN Rating: 6.400

Notes: Spyder earns the Top Striker award for an insane 2 goals a game in 7 games played. Skies of DBB deserves an honorable mention, also earning 2.00 goals a game, but only played 3 games total on the night.




SPIN Rating: 5.286

Notes: Someone needed to set up the vast amount of goals Spyder was burying. Kirin earns the Top Playmaker award, averaging 1.67 assists per game in 7 games played.




SPIN Rating: 4.088

Notes:  Not everyone has to be a goal scorer to make an impact. Radam racked up a total of 18 saves in 8 games for an average per-game mark of 2.25. This makes Radam our Top Keeper of the week.

For more information including rosters, match results, and leaderboards, click here. If you would like to sign up your team for Week 2, it’s not too late. Click here to register today!