Turbo Tuesday Week 17 Recap

Turbo Tuesday Week 17 Recap

Turbo Tuesday - Week 17

This week’s Stay Plugged In Turbo Tuesday tournament saw a repeat champion, but it may not be the team you are thinking of. Resonal, a dynamic playmaker freshman from Calgary, has teamed up with 2022 breakout team “Water Bottles” in the past for a week 11 Turbo Tuesday victory. He also followed that up the very next week with his recently revived team “Jubilee”. Made up of Resonal, Cmoney, and their sub Aviator, this roster only dropped 2 out of the 14 games played in their week 12 debut win. Jubilee would make their first appearance since then in week 17, this time joined by their veteran starter Lemonpuppy.

It’s been since 2017 that Lemonpuppy has been recognized as the up-and-coming player featured in Rocket League’s semi-professional circuit, RLRS. This hasn’t stopped him from instilling fear into the eyes of anyone lined up on the opposite side of the pitch upon kickoff. Contributing to 15 different teams in his Rocket League career, including a short, one month campaign with Spacestation Gaming in 2018, Lemonpuppy was sure to bring a new level of dominance to the Jubilee team this week.

This proved to be the case early, as Jubilee won game 1 in round 1 with a resounding 7-0 scoreline. Team “Get Dusted” didn’t have an answer and dropped to Jubilee 0-2 in the series. A bit of adversity hit Jubilee in the Upper Semi Finals, when they went goal-for-goal with long-time Stay Plugged In competitor Ulttor and his team. Under the name “Losers”, Ulttor, daffy, and Wovah edged out Jubilee in the Upper Semi Finals 3-1, winning games 3 and 4 by just one goal to close out the series.

Team Losers also bested the defending Turbo Tuesday champions “Brutal Team 37” in the Winners Final 3-1, forcing Jubilee to take a rather difficult match in the Lower Finals following their flawless Lower Bracket run. Jubilee would take the first two games of the series, outscoring their opponents 6 to 3 and giving themselves an opportunity to close the series out early. Brutal Team 37 responded in a big way, shutting out Jubilee in two straight games to force a game 5. Lemonpuppy and his squad wouldn’t be shut down for long, as they scored 5 goals in the deciding match to make their way into the Grand Finals. Lemonpuppy finished the series with 4 goals and 15 saves, with Aviator adding 4 more goals and 7 saves for Jubilee.

Advancing through the Lower Bracket, Jubilee began the rematch against Team Losers at a 0-1 disadvantage in the Best-of-7 series. After winning just one of the four games played in their previous match, the first game would already be seen as a pivotal game in a relentless series. Jubilee stood tall and squeaked out the 2-1 win thanks to the 4 save performance by Lemonpuppy. Losers would answer back with two wins in a row, displaying the connection daffy and Wovah have already developed with their new RLCS hopeful team. At just one win away from the title, it would take a full team effort for Jubilee to climb out of the pit they found themselves in. In these situations, the best teams look to their veteran leadership to fire them up and get them going. No better example of this than Lemonpuppy of Jubilee. Lemonpuppy popped off again in game 5 with a 4 goals performance, leading to an 8-2 win and a glimpse of hope in the late stages of the Grand Finals. Quick leads in games 6 and 7 were key for Jubilee, as they held onto leads in both occasions to secure the Turbo Tuesday title.

Jubilee became only the 2nd team since Turbo Tuesday was launched to complete a Lower Bracket run and walk away with the Championship, joining only Brutal Team 37, who accomplished the feat last week.

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