Turbo Tuesday | Week 22 Recap

Turbo Tuesday | Week 22 Recap

Turbo Tuesday | Week 22 Recap

Week 22 of Stay Plugged In’s Turbo Tuesday kicked off this past Tuesday with Brutal Team 37 (BT37) back to defend their title. This $100 Rocket League weekly tournament has yet to feature any three-peat champions since the “Waterbottles” four titles in a row way back in Weeks 1-4. It’s impossible to know who might come out on top, and for BT37, it meant that they couldn’t keep it in cruise control if they wanted to keep their weekly win streak active.

“ELIT3 Esports” and “The Juicers” were marked as the two teams with the potential to play spoilers against BT37. ELIT3 Esports has gathered tons of experience in a multitude of Stay Plugged In events. For the Juicers, two-thirds of the roster may be new, but they would be teamed up with three-time Turbo Tuesday winner and Super Sonic Legend, Wovah.

The Juicers made quick work of Celerity in Round 1, with two big wins (6-1 and 3-1) in the best-of-three. Meanwhile, ELIT3 dropped to team “Potato” after being shut out twice. Not an ideal start for Skatesan and the gang, but a chance to fight through lowers as BT37 did last week. They would earn a lower semi finals appearance, but after The Juicers handed Potato a (3-1) loss in the upper bracket, it was an inevitable rematch. This time their tournament lives would be on the line.

Potato started and ended with great defense. ELIT3 Esports took game 2 again, and the Potato came out on top with a (2-1) series win just as before. Then, when looking into the goals scored per game, it was mind-blowing how similar their two matches were. Both game 1’s ended (2-0) favoring Potato, both game 2’s (4-2) in favor of ELIT3 Esports, and you guessed it, both deciding game 3’s finished (4-0) in favor of Potato.

In the winner’s final match featuring The Juicers and BT37, we got to witness just how good Wovah’s new teammates were. Snoop and Cheezy were involved in nearly all 11 of the goals scored in that series. As a team they also held the stellar BT37 offense to two or less goals in three of four games played, and took the series (3-1). After a notable reverse sweep in the Lower Finals against Potato, a team we will be following much closer in the future, BT37 did sneak their way into the Grand Final. Unfortunately for them, The Juicers didn’t miss a beat. Granted it was a back-and-forth tilt, BT37 couldn’t dig out of the one-game advantage as we saw the previous week. A (4-2) count would place The Juicers on top for Week 22.

When asked about his 2 goals per game average and 47.6% shooting, MVP Wovah didn’t seem to be focused on individual performance. “I honestly had no idea I was playing well.” Wovah said, “I was just trying to focus up to bring home the tourney win.”

Congratulations to The Juicers for their first Turbo Tuesday win as a team!