Turbo Tuesday | Week 26 Recap

Turbo Tuesday | Week 26 Recap


Another week of Turbo Tuesday in the Stay Plugged In books as Week 26 came to its conclusion this past Tuesday. Consideration for esports scholarship opportunities for upcoming high school seniors typically begin in the summertime prior to their senior year, though some higher education programs look at players during their junior year or even earlier. This means players should make it their goal from the very beginning to put in a full effort in and out of their game lobbies. This week we certainly saw the effort all of our recruits have been making in-game. Check out how it all went down in this weeks recap.


Top Slottas got dethroned in Week 25 by no other than Turbo Tuesday superstar WAHVEY. Early in the bracket this week, failure didn't seem to be an option for this team. Top Slottas went perfect in games through the Upper Semifinals, including a sweep against Stellar in the Upper Semis to advance to the Upper Final. Stellar is a well-rounded, top performing team, and yet the Slottas finished the series with a +7 goal differential (+16 goal diff overall through this point). They would run into a fierce Regiment team in their Upper Finals match, one we will get too a little later in the article.


The road for Regiment may not have included opposing teams as experienced as Stellar on the Top Slotta side of the bracket, but Regiment mirrored the effort with a perfect run into the Upper Finals. Thanks to their (3-0) series win against YTAC JV where the team put up a +13 goal differential, Regiment would leap into the Upper Finals match feeling up to the mark. This would be their first Upper Final appearance since Week 23 of Turbo Tuesday, dating all the way back to the beginning of June, prior to the Summer Series. Regiment were just a couple of steps away from their first Turbo Tuesday win, unless Top Slottas had something to say about it.


Unfortunate circumstances for Top Slottas, as they start off the series down 2 games due to check-in and attendance issues beyond their control. Regiment just needed a win in one game to advance to the Grand Final and have the one-game advantage for a chance at the title. Hold that thought though, as Top Slottas were able to recover and sneak in a close 1-0 win in "Game 3" to keep themselves alive. After a Game 4 dominant 5-1 performance by Top Slottas to force a Game 5, it was even grounds, a place that Regiment never wanted to see. Credit where credit is due here. Regiment fought until the end, putting up 4 goals in the deciding game. Their defense, however, couldn't stop the onslaught of shots in which Top Slottas converted 5, placing the Slottas back in the Grand Finals again this week.


If you are wondering what happened to Regiment, it seemed that they couldn't shake off the idea of how close they were to advancing past Top Slottas. Their lack of focus could be considered the main contribution to falling (0-3) to Stellar in the Lower Finals. Others including myself will argue that DYZUR, LONA, and BROCK are just a talented roster ready to work. Stellar held Regiment to just 4 goals over the 3-game sweep, and were able to muster up enough scoring of their own (8 total goals) to meet Top Slottas again, this time in the Grand Finals.

The one-game advantage is a pretty powerful item to have in your inventory walking into a Best-of-7. This loot was acquired by Top Slottas via their Upper Bracket wins; one against Regiment, the other being their previous Stellar matchup. Remember I mentioned Stellar was ready to work? They dropped the first game played by just one goal 2-3 but then followed it up with a win of the same count. That one-game advantage left things in favor of Top Slottas (2-1) heading into Game 4. Stellar would hang around in both of those games, but Top Slottas was able to close them out with a (4-1) series win, and earn the Turbo Tuesday Week 26 title.

Congratulations to RESONAL, TEEKAY, and TIDE for yet another weekly title! To find the registration page for upcoming events including Turbo Tuesday, Carry to College, and the Johnston Community College LAN, you can visit the events page on this site.