Turbo Tuesday | Week 29 Recap

Turbo Tuesday | Week 29 Recap


Just coming off of Stay Plugged In's biggest online recruitment event of the season, Carry 2 College, our Rocket League recruits had some fun with the weekly Turbo Tuesday tournament this past Tuesday. Of course, all players want a shot at the $100 winner-take-all prize and show colleges their skill on the pitch, but another great quality of a student that recruiters look for is community involvement. Our lead producer at Stay Plugged In, Blasky, contacted a few recruits to see if he could join their team for the bracket for a little crossover action. Our multi-week champion WAHVEY and his buddy SKULLY took him up on his offer. See where the team (Water Bottles) finished in this week's Turbo Tuesday BearLight breakdown.


We talked a little about the progress of the YTAC Varsity squad in the last Turbo Tuesday article here. Their progress continues to impress us, especially considering their ranks are currently much lower than some of our top tier players. For them, it will take some more time before they can challenge a team with Wahvey and Skully on it, players currently residing on teams in the RLCS bubble scene. YTAC Varsity was able to put four goals on the board in the three games played, but Blasky was able to stay out of his teammates' way enough to allow Water Bottles to sweep the series and advance to the Upper Final.


The Pad Players defense did a great job limiting the Water Bottles offense to start. Through two games, WAHVEY was the lone goal scorer with just one goal in each game. You can accredit the junior from California, COSMIC, for a majority of the effort, as he came up with a ridiculous 8 saves in those two games. Pad Players offense was also having trouble, as many do against Sophomore superstar WAHVEY, and they were only able to win one of those first two games. Another tough game for the Pad Players offense in Game 3, dropping to match point against, and they needed to address the struggle. They were able to do so in Game 5, as both COSMIC and LUC came up with two goals and edged out the Bottles 5-4 to force a Game 5. Pad Players were able to muster up 7 shots in Game 5, so their offense was generating chances, but the defense of Water Bottles were able to shut them out 2-0 and advance to the Grand Finals on the top side.


Pad Players made pretty quick work of their Lower Finals match (3-0) and would stare down the Water Bottles as the rematch would manifest. Let's be honest here, Water Bottles were winning in spite of our very own Blasky being a part of the roster. They knew the weak point of the team, so the one-game advantage against already seemed like a pretty light lift off of their shoulders. Add to it that the Water Bottles would also be missing Wahvey for the Grand Finals, and the results became different this time around.

Substitutes Nexto and Soggy took turns trying to fill in the shoes of the hard carry alongside Skully. The first three games played in the Grand Finals finished as one-goal games. All three would also finish in favor of Pad Players. This included a 4 goal performance by COSMIC in Game 3. Water Bottles grabbed a win by one-goal themselves in Game 5, but fell victim to a 0-3 loss at the hands of Pad Players in Game 6, crowning COSMIC, LUC, and ALKALINE as Turbo Tuesday Week 29 champions!

Congratulations to Pad Players and to our MVP LUC, leading all players in the bracket with .85 assists per game and in total saves (21). Stay Plugged In is coming to you live and in-person, with three LANs for Rocket League in the month of October, starting with the JCC Campus Series LAN kicking off next Saturday, October 1st. Visit our events page to find the details and registration page for all three events. If you can't make it to any, or if you find time in between events, registration for the upcoming Turbo Tuesday brackets can be found on the events page as well. We hope to see you at one of our events soon.