Turbo Tuesday | Week 38 Recap

Turbo Tuesday | Week 38 Recap


Just a few more weeks of Turbo Tuesday remain in 2022, and with Stay Plugged In Rocket League recruits looking to hit the new year in stride, many made moves into the bracket to improve their game. In our Week 38 breakdown, we follow the run of a few pioneers of the Stay Plugged In platform, a team of student athletes who made their first return since their involvement in the first few events here at Stay Plugged In. Check out their results and more below.


Just over three years ago in 2019, Stay Plugged In launched it's original events which included Rocket League as a title. If you look back at the competitors list of these tournaments, you will find KFROST, SLAYER, and JMD. As some of the first competitors on the platform, each one found success in winning tournament and season titles and in their pursuit of collegiate opportunities.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, where nostalgia kicked in for the Stay Plugged In crew as their names appeared on the bracket. The feeling intensified when they shot past Northeastern and Humphrey on their way to a Grand Final appearance from the top side of the bracket. Humphrey, made up of current Stay Plugged In stars RESONAL, TIDE, and PEEP were caught by surprise given their recent success in Turbo Tuesday. They would need to get through Astrophysicists to create a rematch in the Grand Finals. Before we get to the final best-of-seven, let's explore the Lower Finals match first.


In round one, team Ardent beat Astrophysicists. In round two, Humphrey beat Ardent. Those who are naïve enough to believe in the transitive property working in esports would recite that Humphrey should then have no issue with Astrophysicists. Of course, you all know where this is going.

Humphrey lost (0-2) to team Astro to kick off the series in Game 1. In the next two games, Humphrey snapped back scoring 5 out of 7 goals in that timeframe to head to match point. Astrophysicists had an answer of their own in a heated 3-2 win in Game 4 to force a Game 5, and then followed it up with a monster 6-0 performance in the final game to take the series [3-2].

The tic-tac-toe scenario was brought upon that trio of teams by the Astrophysicists' ability to shake up the expectations and get the win, and they would move on to face team "Yur" in the Grand Finals.


With a game in hand, Yur started off the series with a Game 2 shutout win (2-0) and rode the momentum out from there. The next two games were one-goal games, but both favored Yur, completing their perfect run [4-0] in the match and |4-0| in matches played without dropping any games along the way.

Astrophysicists deserve a shoutout for their no-quit mentality seen in their lower bracket run, along with helping me never misspell "astrophysicists" again. In all seriousness, it takes a lot of skill and effort to challenge Humphrey and Yur, and BUBS, SNOAF, and PLUM certainly made a name for themselves this week.

Congratulations, to Yur for their Turbo Tuesday Week 38 title, and to SLAYER who has been named this week's MVP! Only two more weeks of Turbo Tuesday this year before the holiday break, so make sure to head over to our events page and enter your team for them now!