Road to Radiant Week 37 | Event Recap

Road to Radiant Week 37 | Event Recap


So much talent has been seen, and so many connections have been made through the Road to Radiant weekly tournaments at Stay Plugged In. Seniors who graduated in 2022 have come and gone now contributing to starting rosters on collegiate teams. A lot of our Stay Plugged In alumni will be featured in the upcoming official CVAL collegiate leagues announced by Riot Games this Summer. For collegiate Valorant hopefuls, Road to Radiant continues to be the perfect place to begin the Stay Plugged In journey towards college scholarships and opportunities. This week as always, a couple of new teams have added themselves into the mix, and we breakdown the run that sent the Jitterbugs back to the Finals, this time to win it all.


This week was all about the Jitterbugs. Having added Stay Plugged In Summer Series stand out CONRAD and Carry2College breakout candidate ZAM to the Jitterbugs roster, the team came out firing. CONRAD (Chamber) went 23/4/6 in KDA, adding to SMRTY (Raze) and his 20/5/3 KDA to combine for 43 kills in just 15 rounds played. They can thank YEETNATIC for his 15 assists on Brimstone (yes, you read that right). I imagine just a blitz of Jitterbugs feeding off of a Stim Beacon and draining HP round after round. They would carry that same confidence into their Finals match against team "YouMatter" too.

After an incredible showing (20/10/12 KDA) by Asce (Omen) of team "YouMatter" in the Semifinals, they would prepare for the multi-time champions in Jitterbugs in the Week 37 Road to Radiant Final. They planned on enabling SABO to frag high after a 19/8 KD the game prior, all through VIXI who put up 13 assists on that same map. Unfortunately for them, Jitterbugs were a few steps ahead.

It was PLEX and ZAM again combining for a mind-boggling number of assists (26) in their 13-1 winning effort on Haven. Trust us, we would like to award the MVP to someone other than SMRTY who wins it so often, but how can we when he goes 19/6/5 in KDA with 4 first bloods in the Final, and racks up a total of 39 kills in 29 rounds played on the night (1.345 kills a round)? Congratulations to Jitterbugs who re-earn their Road to Radiant title in Week 37, and to SMRTY for the MVP honors as well.

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