We value relationships. We value our partners.

At Stay Plugged In, we find partners in the space that help grow opportunities for our students. We take pride in finding the right partners who can help us bring scholarship opportunities, unique events & other activations to the SPIN platform & community.

Scholastic Partners

Our Scholastic Partners consist of organizations entrenched in scholastic esports. Through these partnerships we work hand-in-hand to collaborate on providing opportunities for their students and community through scholarships, recruiting events and more. We are committed to helping create avenues of development, both inside-the-game and outside-the-game, for students.

Brand Partners


Stay Plugged In recently announced an agreement with Coca-Cola Consolidated, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world. Through the partnership with Coke, Stay Plugged In will provide scholarship opportunities to high school students seeking to play competitive collegiate esports or pursuing educational opportunities that support the esports ecosystem. Over the past year, students have accepted offers to play varsity college esports through the Stay Plugged In platform. The students received nearly $12 million in scholarship support.

Coca-Cola Creations


We look forward to working closely together with Refrag over the coming time to begin the integration of the platform into top performing CSGO programs around the country and empowering their programs to better prepare for competition. Stay Plugged In members are eligible for a 25% off discount so make sure to visit refrag.gg if you’re interested in learning more


Augment GG

Augment GG is an all in one Valorant VoD review and data analysis platform that allows you to search by matches, create robust player profiles, heatmaps, utility stats, and so much more. It’s truly an incredible piece of software that we’re confident will propel your Valorant roster to the next level. Not to mention SPIN members will receive an exclusive discount through this partnership!


Scholastic Partners

Here at Stay Plugged In, we are proud to partner with scholastic institutions where we bring more visibility to students across any and all schools to help them find more esports scholarships opportunities. With our partners, we continuously collaborate to bring new and exciting activations and opportunities to students to help them in their endeavours.


Over the course of the academic year, IHSEA & SPIN will be hosting educational panels to discuss esports recruiting opportunities and how to best purse them. Topics will range from how to best use the Stay Plugged In platform to tips & tricks for recruiting. The number of esports scholarship opportunities is incredible, where just for the Class of 2022, SPIN faciliated over $15 million in scholarships through our platform. See below for when we will be hosting a panel or town hall for your game.



Here at Stay Plugged In, we highly value our official partnership with the United Federation of Esports Athletes (UFEA). This partnership will focus on providing competitive events and collegiate pathway opportunities to the UFEA's scholastic and youth club esports teams across the country. We are thrilled to be the platform for K-12 students in the UFEA's programming that connects students with universities.